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Budget Builder is a home renovations company in Calgary. It offers kitchen, bathroom and full home renovations as well as new builds services. Major renovations are the perfect way to transform your home into your dream home. That being said, if you are looking for a major change in your home, there are also other options. Building a brand-new home or custom infill are also potentials when it comes to transforming or creating a dream home!

Infill builders in Calgary

You may not know much about infill housing development in Calgary, but we do. Our design-build process takes into account all of the unique challenges associated with this type of home building. We plan for and address all issues related to building permits, City of Calgary development permits, as well as community concerns over new construction that may be close to existing homes. This is where our experience and expertise really shines.

Benefits of Building an Infill Custom Home

1. Access to existing infrastructure
You can use any infrastructure budget you have to make your home greener or use higher quality materials, since a lot of the groundwork for modern living is already in place.

2. Being close to amenities
By living in an established neighbourhood, you’ll be close to the services that are important to you: grocery stores, gas stations, gyms and schools. Plus, if you’re close to friends and family, dinner can be in-person instead of over a Zoom call.

3. Giving you Greenpeace of mind
You can help a city grow and revitalize a neighbourhood by building infill housing developments, which require less land than expanding outwards. This approach is more eco-friendly because it uses fewer resources.

We Are Your Experienced Custom Home Builder

There you have it. Building a beautiful home should be a fun, stress-free and smooth process from start to finish. Building your custom home with a full-service builder on an already existing infill lot allows you to create the home you have always imagined, with even more added benefits.

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